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Live Blood Analysis - What does it involve?

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What does it involve?

A few drops of capillary blood are obtained from your fingertip using a sterile lancet. This is then placed on a slide covered with a cover slip to protect it from the outside elements. Your blood is then examined immediately under a very high powered microscope (magnified 20,000 times) and the results captured on camera, enabling you to view your live blood – still interacting and moving around – on a video screen along side a qualified nutritional microscopist.

By analysing how your blood picture relates to the level of health challenges experienced by you, any needs and/or deficiencies relating to your nutrition can be easily identified. A specific tailor-made healthy eating plan is then prescribed using food as the medicine to restore your blood to a healthy condition by removing the excess acidity and toxins.

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Meet The Consultants

Errol Denton

Certified nutritional microscopist, Qualified iridologist.

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Rolant Jones

Trainer to the stars

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Donna Still

Mind coach

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