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Donna Still

Donna StillDonna Still BA hons,
Author, international speaker & lifestyle success consultant

Donna has always been interested in behavior and what makes one person more successful than another, this led her to train as a peak performance coach, Master NLP practitioner & trainer who regularly speaks at international events delivering talks and workshops on confidence, self image and achieving success using your internal and external environments. Donna is committed to enabling her clients to operate at their highest levels and works with the young and old alike.

She is the author of the best selling book, ‘ditch the scales,’ a book which contains many exercises that can help those who have battled with long term weight related health & confidence issues. A session with Donna will help you understand what has been keeping you locked in unproductive cycles and appreciate your true value and purpose in life.

Donna understands how challenging it can be for some people to drastically change their lifestyle even when they have powerfully motivating reasons for doing so.

Donna transformed herself from a size 22 to a size 8 in just 9 months.

This is where Donna’s experience and expertise really comes to the fore, her emphatic and caring nature enables her to powerfully and dramatically transform your thinking and feeling and create the perfect environment in which to live out your wildest dreams – enabling her clients to positively change their lives. Her no nonsense approach means there is no more hiding, no more excuses, stories or blame – just a clear sense of a bright life filled future.

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