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Live Blood Analysis - What do you get to see?

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What do you get to see?

Live blood analysis is the only way to see how your blood actually behaves inside your veins.

Healthy blood should show cells which are uniform in shape, size and colour. They should reside freely in their own space, not overlapping or sticking together but gently repelling each other because of their negative charge. Unhealthy blood cells look broken or squashed together.

When blood is perfectly balanced (homeostasis) the red blood cells are loose and free flowing. They are mainly round (not oval, oblong, jagged or varying in size) and the background is clear from floating matter such as bacteria, fungus etc. The white blood cells (neutrophils) are approximately twice as large as the red blood cells. There is approximately one white blood cell for every 700 to 900 red. They can occur in any shape, but have a crisp, clean border and extensive movement.

Live blood analysis is a qualitative test that reveals:

None of these phenomena can be observed from a conventional blood test.

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