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A unique combination

iridologyIridology is the study of the eyes, particularly the iris. Your eyes serve as ‘windows’ to your state of health, with the iris revealing information about your entire body. 
Iridology is a safe, non-invasive, painless and reliable way of obtaining a ‘snapshot’ of your health, enabling you to start taking responsibility for it.

History of Iridology dates back hundreds of years. One of the first people to make a connection between signs in the eyes and changes in the body was Hippocrates. He focused on the posterior aspect of the eye and established the foundations of today’s basic ophthalmic examination.

However, the widely accepted ‘father’ of iridology is the Hungarian physician IgnatzvonPezcely(1826-1911) who discovered a phenomenon we now call ophthalmic-somatic analysis (iridology) and developed the first iris map. It is stated that as a child he captured an injured owl in his backyard that had a broken leg. He noticed a black line in one of its eyes but when the leg healed, a white mark had appeared instead. This incident led to a life-long interest in and study of iridology.

Since then, many scientists, doctors and health professionals around the world have studied iridology, including some great pioneers such as NilsLiljequist(1851-1936) and Dr Bernard Jensen (1908-2002). It is now taught in countries as widespread as America, Australia, Germany and Russia, where its benefits are gaining recognition by modern conventional medicine.

How does iridology work? An iris analysis is a preventative tool offering many benefits, and is of value to adults and children alike. Learning about and understanding your genetic constitution will help you understand chronic health problems, including allergies, arthritis, diabetes, eczema, high blood pressure, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and many others.

After your irises are analysed, you will be given a detailed personalised iridology report with the following information:

▪ Your genetic iris make-up, including any pre-dispositions to diseases and potential health challenges

▪ Any inefficient organs and systems in the right and left side of your body

▪ Nutrition recommendations and lifestyle advice beneficial for your genetic iris type and/or any weakened organ areas.

As no single test can be considered diagnostic, iridology serves as a wonderful adjunct to nutritional microscopy live blood testing. It not only complements but also enhances and confirms the findings of live blood analysis by providing supporting evidence.This combination of tests is believed to be unique in the world.

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Online iridology testing

Even if you live overseas and are therefore unable to attend our practices in person we are able to offer an online iridology service. All you need to do is email us a clear digital image (in JPEG format) of your right and left iris. After we have analysed the images we will send you a detailed iridology report as above.

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