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Errol Denton Harley Street Live Blood Specialist Offers Safe Natural Acne Cure As Opposed To Deadly Roaccutane Drug As Featured On BBC3

Dec 11, 2012

Picture for Errol Denton Harley Street Live Blood Specialist Offers Safe Natural Acne Cure As Opposed To Deadly Roaccutane Drug As Featured On BBC3

Errol Denton live blood expert demonstrates that there is a direct relationship between the food and drinks that one consumes and the effect is has on the skin.  The blood is the foundation of health and if it is polluted it cannot repair and heal the body especially the skin.

Recently BBC3 broadcasted a documentary about Jesse Jones who tragically took his own life due to the side effects of the deadly Acne drug called Roaccutane.


Roaccutane has been known to cause side effects such as feelings of suicide.  It has even been reported to cause erectile dysfunction in males.  The makers of this deadly drug insist that it is completely safe despite the evidence that people have committed suicide whilst taking this deadly drug.  The question is why is it not taken off the market immediately?  The answer is simple and that is that the pharmaceutic giant La Roche have so much financial and political power that they can ensure it will never be removed from off the shelves.  There is just too much money to be made and this over rides human life in some cases.  Very clever ‘scientists’ (Modern day Witch Doctors) use subterfuge to argue that the drug is safe and it cannot be proved otherwise.  This is the same thing that happened with the tobacco industry.  It was able to use ‘scientists’ to sell their deadly product then also.

It is really quite simple for human animal to understand that other animals do not get diseases and Acne because they do not eat in the insane way that humans do. One example is consuming cows milk laced with antibiotics and hormones.  Milk is for baby cows not for human consumption and plays a role in Acne formation. Errol Denton live blood analysis specialist demonstrates the healing of a severe psoriasis patient within 12 weeks merely by changing his diet.  View the amazing change here:


Susanne Williams who featured in the documentary is a colleague and client of Errol Denton and can be seen in this video.  She too follows Errol Denton’s live blood healthy lifestyle regime.

The skin is the largest excretory organ in the body and therefore Acne is simply a result of a polluted bloodstream.  If a person wishes to get rid of Acne the safe way then all they will need to do is clean their blood cells and restore the blood to it’s healthy condition.  The rest is simple, the blood will repair the skin and there will be no more Acne.  It has to be better than taking a chemical drug that could cost one their life. 

For more information on how you can benefit from live blood testing and Acne treatment please call 020 3336 7164 or complete the contact us form

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