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Dr Errol Denton Harley Street Live Blood Specialist Versus Dr John Smith Pharmaceutical Drug Pusher Which Doctor Is The Witch Doctor?

Dec 27, 2012

Picture for Dr Errol Denton Harley Street Live Blood Specialist Versus Dr John Smith Pharmaceutical Drug Pusher Which Doctor Is The Witch Doctor?

Errol Denton is a natural health Doctor one who heals people by using live blood analysis, food as a medicine and natural herbs. Dr Errol Denton is not a medical doctor nor would he want to be one as they are drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industry Dr John Smith is a salesman for the pharmaceutical drug companies that offers no cure for disease because he wants to profit from your misery.  Dr John Smith has hypnotised many victims by selling them false hope and lies that they need to be on drugs for the rest of their lives.  Dr Errol Denton has helped two thousand patients discard pharmaceutical drugs by using food as a medicine.


Dr Errol Denton offers a permanent common sense solution to sickness and disease.  Stop eating poisoned genetically modified foods.  Stop eating unnatural junk foods which are not really foods at all but chemical concoctions designed to make you sick so the drug companies who own the processed food companies can profit from your diseases. Wake up to the fact that cancer is a disease caused by lifestyle and as such is curable by lifestyle changes and herbs.  Cancer has been cured a dozen times in the last century just not by drug company mafia.  All the cures cannot be patented and therefore the machinery of the drug company spin doctors lie and say they don’t work.  Natural Cancer cures are being suppressed in order to cull population growth. Here is a list of cancer cures that have been suppressed despite them working. 

Dr Errol Denton live blood analysis expert has two thousand satisfied patients for the past decade with conditions such as: Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Eczema, Gout, Hypertension, Psoriasis and many more.  This has upset the drug mafia cartel and their sinister idiotic accomplices to attempt to carry out a smear campaign.  However this has failed miserably because it has now created publicity about the truth.  The truth is that human beings are not supposed to be pharmaceutical drug addicted slaves.  Every drug created is a synthetic copy of a natural plant that can be patented hence money for the drug barons.

If a person has cancer opting for chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy is a dumb move when there are dozens of safe natural alternatives that are being deliberately hidden and lied about.  The person would be better off if they went to the local WITCH DOCTOR who danced around them and threw a few bones on the floor.  The statistics prove that people treated for cancer do not survive more than five years before the disease returns.  This is why the drug companies move the goal posts and refuse to give survival statistics for more than five years after their treatments.  Even more damning is the fact that the doctors themselves would not even take chemotherapy themselves 75% of them said they would not have chemotherapy. The scientific polls were taken at the McGill Cancer centre.  These doctors would not even permit their family members to have chemotherapy either. This is similar to a cocaine baron refusing to use his own deadly supply as well as his family members. Again idiots will try to move the goal posts saying that the study was done a long time ago blah blah blah.  The fact is wild animals do not need to create a billions of dollars of machinery to treat cancer they simply eat PROPERLY. The so called educated fools who peddle this nonsense are dumber than the Gorilla nutritionally!

Dr Errol Denton live blood analysis expert likes to keep it real simple eat and drink to clean your blood and there will be no disease or sickness.

It is time to wake up to who is the real Doctor and who is the WITCH DOCTOR the one who cures diseases naturally or the one who sells a lifetime dependence on  pharmaceutical drugs. Dr Errol Denton non medical Doctor versus Dr Smith medical doctor and pharmaceutical drug pusher

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