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Case study for Tracey Butler
My Name is Tracey Butler and I am 43 years old. I Live in Leyton.

I had my live blood test on the 21/02.08. I was introduced to Errol through my husband. My husband had met Errol through business just before Christmas. During their conversation Errol told him about his work. Knowing that I I had on going health problems he told Errol that I was always ill.

My husband mentioned Errol to me and encouraged me to go and see him. I was initially reluctant as I thought mhhhhhhhhh I can just imagine, after looking at my blood it would be a worse case scenario of don’t eat this don’t drink that etc.

As it was coming up to Christmas, which would mean I would enjoy lots of unhealthy eating and drinking. I decided to consider it after Christmas.

Around Christmas time I had developed and allergy which was causing my face to constantly itch. The doctor put me on Antihistamine. By February the itching was still on going and after my third visit to the doctors he was still recommending that I take the antihistamines which I was not happy about. Then the light bulb went on and I remembered Errol so I rang and made an appointment.

I was very sceptical at first until I saw my live blood on the screen. Before Errol spoke I knew it was bad. Errol accurately identified all the long term issues I have i.e. The constant tiredness, the odd sharp pain I get sometimes in my knees, the allergy problem and problem with my endocrine system and my small intestines without me telling him anything.

Errol was unaware that I actually am a Celiac, suffer from an Overactive Thyroid and have Crohn’s Disease.

Before starting I weighed in at 9 stones 3 pound and I am 5'3. As you can see I am not tall or overweight. I began the programme the day before my birthday 23/02/08.

After the fourth day I was so weak I could not get off the chair and called Errol. He advised me to juice some vegetables and up my greens. Errol did not know this, but I felt like crying it was not what I wanted to hear. However I took his advice and continued.

I tried to make the soup with all the ingredients I was allowed but I have to confess my sink saw more soup then my stomach. Still I persevered.

By the second week I attempted the trampoline and was surprised that I did the 10 mins without building up a sweat. By week one I had lost 16 1bs. I was feeling the healthiest and had more energy then I have had for years. The itchy/allergy had disappeared after day four.

By week three there was an improvement in my skin even my nails (which never grew) started to grow. I found my energy level was so high that I could trampoline now for half hour and still not build up a sweat or be out of breath. I knew then I was on the right track.

My husband then pointed out that although I had a lot of mood swings (I was Hungry, please eat the green slush as I nicknamed it! He noticed that I had stopped complaining about all my aches and pain. He liked me when I was fatter he said, however to hear no complaints everyday was fantastic. His support was tremendous.

I did not lose anymore weight after losing that initial 16 pounds. Errol said ' the weight loss would stop once all the acid was out of my system' He was correct. I have since remained at 8 stone 3. Some weeks I gain a couple of pounds but it always goes back to that weight so once again. Errol was correct again. He said I would reach the right plateau for my body.

My eyes have been opened in so many ways about food and the food industry. On my final day my special programme Errol called me and I was so touched it encouraged me to take the next hurdle as the road was hard. Yet it is the best road I could have ever taken.

I celebrated my wedding anniversary on the 9th of April and my husband took me away for 3 nights to Barcelona. I fell off the wagon then and so missed my greens even my husband did. I have been making him a litre bottle every other day. I was happy to go back to my healthy living lifestyle.

This is a life style change and balance is the key

The face allergy has gone! I cannot wait for my thyroid to be tested and as Wheat, Gluten, Rye and Oats are not in this life style change diet, my celiac is of no consequence.


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Case study for Tracey Butler
My Name is Tracey Butler and I am 43 years old. I Live in Leyton. I had my live blood test on the 21/02.08. I was introduced to Errol through …

Tracey Butler, 43
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