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Case study for Cathriona Powell
My name is Cathriona Powell; I am 42 years old and live in Harlesden, North West London. I work in a very busy office as a Personal Assistant.

Before the test I was suffering for about a year with water retention and bloatedness. My doctor would only prescribe water tablets and suggested that I try and lose weight. I joined a gym for a year and went almost religiously 3 times a week and could not see any results apart for a little toning up. I felt I was eating healthily but could not reduce the water retention. At the time of the test I weighed 16stone/224 pounds.

I read about Errol in a magazine and was intrigued by the idea of a live blood test and thought that perhaps I would find answers relating to my water retention.

I found Errol Denton, the microscopist who analysed my blood to be very calm and quietly reassuring in the delivery of the results of my live blood test. There were diagrams to look at for comparison to my blood that I was viewing on screen. I was told that my body was very acidic and Errol could tell me about my symptoms before I even discussed them with him! The explanation of how my body was reacting to the ‘healthy’ food I was eating like fruit and muesli for breakfast I found fascinating. Whilst looking at my blood on screen it began to dawn on me that re-thinking how and what I eat would perhaps help with my health issues. I was told that super re-hydrating my body was the first step to help flush out the acids that were in effect stopping my body from functioning as it should. Images of the various yeast and acid cells in my blood were quite alarming to look at. I was then told that together with drinking more alkaline ‘greens’ and water I would also need to follow an alkaline diet consisting of basically anything green, i.e. vegetables.

I found the actual test results to be a very powerful image to help me stick to the program and I often refer to the printout of my live blood test to remind me of the state my body was in before starting the program. Errol explained the services at the session thoroughly and the follow-up calls after my initial visit were reassuring and an opportunity to check that I was following the program correctly.

4 weeks into the program I lost 1 stone/14 pounds! This was without any consistent exercise. The water retention in my lower legs was greatly reduced to the point where I could wear shoes that I thought would have to be given away. My skin and nails improved to the point where people were commenting and I had a general feeling of being well. At the point of writing this testimonial - 8 weeks into the program - I am now 14 stone, 8 pounds / 207 pounds. My body shape is slowly changing and my clothes are fitting better.

My next challenge is to incorporate more exercise into the program which I am viewing as a life changing commitment.

I am due to have my re-test mid December and hoping to have lost some more weight but my main aim is to have a much improved live blood test than I did in September and that as part of improving my overall health I would have lost more weight

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