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Case study for Fiona Harvey
The last few years had been very stressful, the family had a lot of grief to deal with and I became my father’s carer during his illness, travelling from London to Birmingham on a weekly basis, sometimes twice a week. With this and holding down a full time job I found I was not eating well and did not get sufficient rest or exercise.

Within the last year I suffered an outbreak of Eczema which I had never experienced before and my scalp was extremely dry. I became prone to yeast infections and my blood pressure rocketed. I was always tired, restless, had regular migraines, suffered with constipation, joint pains and was moody.

My weight was up and down and my last attempt to lose weight with weight watchers was disappointing. I went up to 12 stone 9, the heaviest I had ever been.

Not being able to reduce my blood pressure after 9 months was a concern. My GP advised I would need to take tablets; I was determined this was not a route I wanted to go down and needed to get my health in hand. I know all to well the dangers of high blood pressure and diabetes as these are two conditions that are in my family medical history.

I had read about Errol Denton in the Voice and looked up Live Blood Analysis on the internet. Having done a few months research I decided I would book myself in for a test.

I had my first test on 26 March 2009 and was totally shocked of what was found in my blood. My red blood cells were sticking together forming a long worm shape rather than healthy round shapes. They were full of sugar and yeast which explained the exhaustion, skin problems and eczema. I was able to see mould forming and parasites moving freely around my blood. My white blood cells were no better; they were small and not being produced sufficiently to fight any infections. Errol explained how what was in my blood contributed to the illnesses I was experiencing and how I could make changes to improve my wellbeing.

Within the first week of starting the programme I lost 4lbs and steadily continued to lose weight over the next 3 months. My skin improved my hair and scalp looked healthier, my energy levels increased. I noticed when I walked short distances I was no longer short of breath.

After three months of alkalizing, eating non acidic foods drinking plenty of green drinks I lost 1 stone 2lbs by time I had my retest on 25 June 2009. Errol was pleased with my retest which showed a 30% improvement of my blood. After having regular monthly checks on my blood pressure, it had dropped to normal and tablets were not mentioned again!

Having the Microscopy was definitely worthwhile. Errol Denton the Microscopist who analysed my blood was very professional, patient and understanding. He carefully explained the process and showed me pictures of how my blood should look. He also gave me ideas of essential foods to eat to begin the process of alkalizing.

Family and friends always comment on how well I look and that I have a "glow” about me. With a further 7lbs weight loss I have also been able to maintain my weight at just under 11 stones.

I read food labels more closely now and have learned to say "no thank you” to tempting foods. It is also not a problem for me to walk around with my Greens and my packed alkalizing lunch.

The key to successful wellbeing is to make the change and take one step at a time. I still have a way to go to see greater improvements and will continue to alkalize to further improve my wellbeing.

Errol and Ruth have been instrumental to me making changes and I thank them both. Support from family and friends has also helped. I found my own support network with family who changed their way of life some 15 years ago and they were able to keep me motivated.

I intend to get continued support from Errol and his team by joining the members health club.

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Case study for Fiona Harvey
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