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Thrush is also known as Candida or more specifically ‘Candida albicans’ which is a yeast like fungus. Yeast is normally a natural occurring substance within the human body and is usually kept under control by friendly bacteria such as bfidobacteria and acidophilus. Once this yeast or other fungi has multiplied to such an extent that it outnumbers the friendly colony of bacteria it begins to compete with them for nutrients as well as causing symptoms such as: recurring thrush, allergies, fatigue, lethargy, recurring cystitis, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, sugar cravings and much more. There are so many symptoms often associated with Candida overgrowth so that it is not possible to self diagnose the condition. It is also often not something that a Doctor or GP will be able to detect either and even then drugs will be used which will of course only treat the symptom and not address the root cause. Therefore once the course has been taken the symptoms will return.

Perhaps one of the best ways of treating thrush naturally is to begin by having a live blood analysis because it allows one to actually see if one has yeast in their blood plasma, the type associated with recurring thrush. Live blood testing is completely different from the standard blood test known as a Full Blood Count or (FBC). An FBC that one receive’s at the at the Doctor’s surgery or Hospital requires one to have a syringe full of blood extracted from the arm. The problem with this test is that once the blood cells are removed from the body they die off within thirty to forty five minutes. To make matters worst when the blood cells reach the laboratory the Hematologist adds stains and dyes to the blood further changing the true state of the blood that was once in the veins. With a live blood test only a tiny pin prick is needed on the finger tip and this is then placed immediately under a high powered microscope connected to a camera enabling the individual to instantly see the true state of their blood as if it were still flowing through their veins.

Looking at living blood cells on a video screen enables the individual to understand the root causes of their symptoms and because they are given tailor made nutritional guidelines to follow based on the condition of their blood cells; it allows them to take responsibility and control of treating thrush naturally.

Some of the causes of Candida albicans can be: individual’s with weakened immune systems, stress, poor dietary choices, excess antibiotic use, hormone replacement therapy as well as other medications. Live blood analysis is a proactive method of enabling one to not only prevent but to treat yeast conditions naturally. Errol Denton of http://www.livebloodtest.com views yeast overgrowth as a fungal "outfection” instead of "infection” because it first occurs in the blood plasma and then manifests externally as: urinary tract "outfections”, skin outfections such as eczema, athletes foot etc. This view has enabled Errol to successfully treat scores of clients suffering from yeast problems ranging from athlete’s foot to providing natural ways to cure thrush. Here are what some of his clients have said:

"For most of my adult life, I have been searching for the right way to solve my yeast problems”

"My whole life has turned around after the test My problem with yeast has also gone” Gloria Sam

"I have had a fungal infection on my two big toes for years. I went to the Doctor who prescribed Lamisil tablets. The infection didn’t clear up, it just came back soon after I completed the course of tablets”

"I have noticed that the infection has completely cleared up on it’s own as I have given my body the chance to clear itself of yeast and the fungal infection with my diet.” Karen Lovett Hurren

If anyone wishes to treat thrush naturally or are simply looking for answers to the causes of thrush then calling to make an appointment with Errol Denton at his Harley Street practice is the first step.

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