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Case study for Ates Nalbantoglu At first I didn’t believe there was anything seriously wrong with my blood and I was reluctant to go and have a test done. When I saw my blood on screen for the first time I was in shock at how my blood cells were stuck together and it was almost too difficult to identify individual cells in certain areas. Errol talked me through all the problems I was having and identified immediately that I had no energy constantly, which was true.

Errol assured me that all of this could be reversed and gave me a plan, which was specific my needs to stick by, which would improve my health and also answered all of the questions I had about the plan and about my health situation.

Immediately after a week I began to feel noticeable changes in my energy levels and weight. After following the diet for a period of time gradually I lost more weight and gained more energy. I was able to exercise at levels I hadn’t previously imagined. Before I started I weighed 16st 7lbs 5 months later I am 11st 3lbs. Also now my skin is healthier and my hair has become thicker. I also used to sleep for abnormally long lengths of time and still require more sleep. Now, I sleep easier at night and jump out of bed everyday feeling well.

At first it was difficult to follow the diet as I missed all the ‘food’ I used to eat. However after the results I had obtained, and from the information that Errol gave me, I didn’t want to eat any of the junk that I used to. As the weeks went by I became curious about whether certain foods that weren’t mentioned were alright to eat, I was able to get in touch with Errol, who pointed me in the right direction at every step.

Overall I wish I started making these changes sooner as it has improved many aspects of my life and I recommend it to anyone.

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